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  • Amruta Bhaskar
  • Feb 19, 2020
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When we wish to decide on a language for a project, we would like to be thorough with what we will do with it. We would like to bear in mind of however it will facilitate the global economy at what we would like to try and do, however, we have a tendency to conjointly wish to watch out of the issues that may arise. Let’s discuss what benefits Python provides to its users. However, before that, hope you all are responsive to what options Python provides globally. If not, initially make yourself aware of the necessary options of Python. After that, it'll be simpler for you to know the benefits and downsides of Python.


Advantages of Python

1.   Intensive Libraries

Python downloads with an intensive library and contains code for numerous functions like regular expressions, documentation-generation, unit-testing, internet browsers, threading, databases, CGI, email, image manipulation, and more. So, we tend to don’t have to be compelled to write the whole code for that manually.


2. Extensible

Extensible As we've seen earlier, Python is often extended to different languages. You’ll write a number of your code in languages like C++ or C.


3. Embeddable

Embeddable Complimentary to extensibility, Python is embeddable further. You'll place your Python code in your ASCII text file of a distinct language, like C++. These let add scripting capabilities to our code within different languages.


4. Improved Productivity

The language’s simplicity and intensive libraries render programmers a lot of productivity than languages as Java and C++ do. Also, the fact that you just have to be compelled to write less and acquire a lot of things done.


5. IoT Opportunities

IoT Opportunities Since Python forms the premise of recent platforms like Raspberry Pi, it finds the long run bright for the Internet of Things. This is often some way to attach the language with the important world.


6. Easy and simple

When operating with Java, you are compelled to produce a category to print ‘Hello World’. However, in Python, simply a print statement can do. It’s conjointly quite simple to be told, understand, and code. Thus once individuals devour Python, they need a tough time adjusting to different a lot of wordy languages like Java.


7. Readable

Because it's not such a wordy language, reading Python is way like reading English. This is often the rationale of why it's really easy to be told, understand and code. It conjointly doesn't would like kinky braces to outline blocks, and indentation is necessary. This any aids the readability of the code.


8. Object-Oriented

This language supports each the procedural and object-oriented programming paradigms. Whereas functions facilitate with code reusability, categories and objects allow us to model the important world. a category permits the encapsulation of knowledge and functions into one.


9. Free and Open Source

ASCII text file Like we tend to same earlier, Python is freely out there. however not solely are you able to transfer Python for free of charge, however, you'll conjointly transfer its ASCII text file, create changes and distribute it. It downloads with an intensive assortment of libraries to assist you with tasks.


10. Portable

When you code your project during a language like C++, you'll have to be compelled to create some changes to that if you wish to run it on another platform. However, it isn’t constant with Python. Here, you wish to code one time, and you'll run it anyplace. This is often referred to as Write Once Run anyplace.


11. Interpreted

Lastly, we are going to say that it's a taken language. Since statements are dead one by one, debugging is simpler than in compiled languages.


Disadvantages of Python

1.   Speed Limitations

We have seen that Python code is read by line. However, since Python is taken, it usually leads to slow execution. This, however, isn’t a haul unless speed could be paid attention for the project. In different words, unless high speed could be a demand, the advantages offered by Python is enough to distract from its speed limitations.


2.   Weak in Mobile Computing and Browsers

While it is a wonderful server-side language, Python is way seldom seen on the client-side. Besides that, it's seldom ever to implement in smartphone-based applications. One such application is termed Carbonnelle. The reason it's not this celebrated despite the existence of Brython is that it isn’t that secure.


3.   Design Restrictions

This suggests that you just don’t have to be compelled to declare the kind of variable whereas writing the code. It uses dynamic-typing. Whereas this is often simple on the programmers throughout secret writing, it will raise run-time errors.


4. Underdeveloped Database Access Layers

Underdeveloped info Access Layers Compared to a lot of widely used technologies like JDBC and ODBC, Python’s info access layers are a small amount underdeveloped. Consequently, it's less usually applied in large enterprises.



Author: Chethan M


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